[xmonad] XMonad, mouse events and dzen2

Alessandro Massignan ff0000.it at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 15:57:27 EDT 2010

Hi all,

i'm lurking around to figure out how to make dzen2 working fine...
I don't know if XMonad is the right mailing-list to ask for this issue
(don't flame me ;-).
I setup the logHook tied with a spawned dzen2 and it works fine
handling workspaces,
layouts and titles (as usual); now i would launch many other dzen2s
(clock, power,
memory and so on) and i would like those to catch the mouse inputs.
I launch them from .xinitrc:


dz2l.sh cycles in a directory and launch in background the various
dzen2's scripts:

    test -r $MODULE || { exit 1; }

    (${SHELL} $MODULE &) || { exit 1; }

when i start X all the dzen2s come up, but i can't interact with them
(eg., mouse buttons).

Do i launch the scripts in the wrong position so that XMonad is not
able to pass them
any inputs?

Thanks a lot,

P.S.: i'm a newbie ;-)

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