[xmonad] Re: Issue 313 in xmonad: Merge contrib's isFullscreen and doFullFloat to core

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Fri Oct 30 22:01:29 EDT 2009

Comment #4 on issue 313 by alexey at feldgendler.ru: Merge contrib's  
isFullscreen and doFullFloat to core

The isFullscreen implementation in xmonad-contrib didn't work for me at  
least with
the two applications I tried (MPlayer and Opera). Then I look at the source  
code of
ion3 WM, which used to handle both of them correctly, and saw what it does  
clientwin_check_fullscreen_request). I implemented the same in a custom  
query for
XMonad, and it worked.

Here is my query:

myIsFullscreen = do
   w <- ask
   fs <- isFullscreen
   if fs then return fs
         else liftX $ do
                    p <- getProp32s "_MOTIF_WM_HINTS" w
                    case p of
                      Just (flags:_:decorations:_) -> return ((flags .&. 2)  
/= 0 &&
decorations == 0)
                      Nothing -> return False

Please consider merging this into isFullscreen.

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