[xmonad] Re: Issue 317 in xmonad: Implement a working X.U.putSelection

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Fri Oct 30 18:57:15 EDT 2009

Comment #15 on issue 317 by ale... at feldgendler.ru: Implement a working  

The clean way to do this would probably be for XMonad to have a hidden  
window and
handle its selection events in the main loop.

However, this won't fix the situation when the text is pasted into a prompt  
the prompt runs its own event loop. To fix this, various nested event loops  
such as
the one in Prompt (are there more?) should somehow invoke the global event  
as well. This will also fix the issue where XMonad doesn't notice new  
client windows
while a prompt is active.

I'm fine with using xclip for now.

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