[xmonad] startupHook setWMName and ewmhDesktops

Wirt Wolff wirtwolff at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 11:03:44 EDT 2009

Excerpts from Henrique G. Abreu's message of Thu Oct 29 21:23:13 -0600 2009:
> Sorry for not being clear at the first time.
> If I use startupHook like this:
> , startupHook = setWMName "LG3D"
> Java apps work normally, but if I set it like proposed:
> , startupHook = ewmhDesktopsStartup >> setWMName "LG3D"
> and attempt to run java apps, I get the "grey blobs" instead of app window,
> just as if not using setWMName workaround.
> Henrique G. Abreu

Henrique, I'm sorry you're having trouble with this. What you are showing
here is the intended way, and works for me with netbeans, however, that's
really the only java app I run which I can make grey blobs without


, startupHook = ewmhDesktopsStartup >> setWMName "LG3D"

should work fine.

Please include your xmonad.hs somewhere on pastebin or attached, and 
which apps are giving the grey blobs.

With netbeans, not using setWMName causes blobbing. What works is either
of the methods shown on the faq, i.e. the >> one above, or using the new
'ewmh' modifier like:

main = do
  -- stuff
  xmonad $ ewmh defaultConfig
      { modMask = mod4Mask
      -- handleEventHook and logHook without Ewmh hooks
      , startupHook = setWMName "LG3D" }

Yes, it will be good to add such examples to EwmhDesktops and SetWMName



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