[xmonad] Issue 240 in xmonad: recompilation fails silently

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Wed Oct 28 09:41:59 EDT 2009

	Status: Accepted
	Owner: vogt.adam
	Labels: Component-Core Usability

Comment #2 on issue 240 by vogt.adam: recompilation fails silently

The attached code uses haskell-src-exts to grab the module name and throws  
a warning
when it isn't main (no module name is implicitly main).

It might be better to use the ghc-api for the parsing (since  
haskell-src-exts rejects
more programs than ghc does)

This adds a pretty serious dependency, so as-is this code cannot go into  

A better way might be to check after the compilation that there is actually  
generated binary.

This issue is somewhat related to the suggestion for keeping ghc's temp  
files out of

	getModName.hs  583 bytes

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