[xmonad] Using TwoPane

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Wed Oct 28 06:51:08 EDT 2009

This is a question that might have been answered already, but I can't
seem to find an answer for it.

I often have more than two windows on a screen, and on occasion I want
to pick two of these and put them next to each other, for this reason
I have TwoPane in the my layout sequence.  However I often find it
cumbersome to work with, because the displayed windows keep on
changing when I switch focus between windows.  Here's a simple example
of what I mean, with the following layout:

myLayout = tall12 ||| twoPane
        tall12         = Tall tall12_nmaster tall12_delta tall12_ratio
        tall12_nmaster = 1 -- num of windows in the master pane
        tall12_ratio   = 1/2 -- proportion of screen occupied by master pane
        tall12_delta   = 3/100 -- percent of screen to increment by
when resizing

        twoPane       = TwoPane twoPane_delta twoPane_ratio
        twoPane_ratio = 1/2 -- proportion of screen occupied by master pane
        twoPane_delta = 3/100 -- percent of screen to increment by when resizing

I start three terminals, t1, t2 and t3, I then switch to TwoPane and
have a screen showing t1 and t2 (t1|t2).  What I want is to have t1
next to t3, so I jump through the windows until I have t1|t3.
However, if I now want to switch focus to t1 I can't seem do that
without changing what windows are visible, however I do it I end up
with t1|t2.  What I have to do is get t3 over to the master area, then
jump through until I have t3|t1.  I have to redo the same steps if I
after that want to switch focus to t3.

Is there a way around this (except the obvious one which would be to
move t2 to another workspace)?


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