[xmonad] xmonad 0.9 freeze, release schedule

Jan Vornberger Jan.Vornberger at Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE
Fri Oct 23 04:00:05 EDT 2009


On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 06:22:21PM -0500, Spencer Janssen wrote:
> We're preparing the long-awaited release of xmonad 0.9!  Here's the
> time-table:
>  - Thursday, Oct 22: repository freeze
>  - Friday, Oct 23: release candidate packaged and published
>  - Sunday, Oct 25: xmonad 0.9 release

Woa, that manifested quickly. I suppose it would be hard to persuade you
to push this schedule back a week or two? So that I would have a chance
to work on the remaining Bluetile-related patches and Bluetile could
then be build from a released xmonad version?

Mostly only to big chunks remain: Bluetile's floating layout and
enhanced, multi-screen-aware decoration. 
However, to be honest, those might be changes that one doesn't want
close to a release. It will require at least Daniel's extensible state
patch in the core and maybe a tweak here and there that would probably
need to be discussed first.

So how do you feel about this? Wait for 1.0? But that will probably not
be in a long time, will it?



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