[xmonad] Issue 177 in xmonad: xmonad does not follow ICCCM and ignores WM_TAKE_FOCUS protocol

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Thu Oct 22 22:06:50 EDT 2009

	Labels: Component-Core Usability

Comment #22 on issue 177 by vogt.adam: xmonad does not follow ICCCM and  
ignores WM_TAKE_FOCUS protocol

This patch causes keyboard input in openoffice writer to go to the main  
window even
when you have the bullets and numbering formatting window open. This is  
useful, then
those buttons cannot be modified with the keyboard. Perhaps compliance to
WM_TAKE_FOCUS should be configurable.

xev works properly.

I'm not sure of the java focus issues: with some apps like jmemorize, you  
have to
occasionally click in a grouping of widgets to gain keyboard focus. On the  
hand, once the app has keyboard focus in the right area, the keyboard focus  
after focusing other windows and workspaces using xmonad.

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