[xmonad] Issue 258 in xmonad: Magnifier focus loop

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Sat Oct 17 02:45:03 EDT 2009

	Status: Accepted
	Owner: vogt.adam
	Labels: Priority-Low

Comment #1 on issue 258 by vogt.adam: Magnifier focus loop

This bug is quite difficult to reproduce but I've seen it.

Attached is an initial patch: it is way too slow since we query the pointer  
for being in that overlap region far too frequently. That may be the reason  
that I
cannot reproduce the bug when I'm using the attached patch, rather than it  
doing the
right thing (disabling the magnifier when it leads to an infinite loop)

Also, it seems that this patch disables the magnifier when it wouldn't  
trigger that bug.

A more successful attempt is probably going to listen for that particular  
sequence of
Events that happen when you get the looping happening.

	an-attempt-to-catch-a-rare-looping-case-in-l_magnifier.dpatch  80.8 KB

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