[xmonad] darcs patch: NoFrillsDecoration - most basic version of decoration ...

Jan Vornberger jan.vornberger at informatik.uni-oldenburg.de
Sun Oct 11 18:35:00 EDT 2009

This is the decoration layout modifier I use for Bluetile's floating layout. I wrote it
because SimpleDecoration wasn't simple enough. :-)

Mon Oct 12 00:05:12 CEST 2009  Jan Vornberger <jan.vornberger at informatik.uni-oldenburg.de>
  * NoFrillsDecoration - most basic version of decoration for windows

PS: I since looked into the problem of patch bundles with unicode characters
    getting mangled when I use 'darcs send'. It is now a reported
    bug ( http://bugs.darcs.net/issue1644 ) and I'm using a workaround that will
    hopefully work for now.

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