[xmonad] EWMH Desktops and Ubuntu Karmic/Gnome 2.27.5

rupa rupa at lrrr.us
Tue Oct 6 11:56:36 EDT 2009

Just received the following from someone off-list - so looks like we
have a bug report and a proposed fix! Yay!


Hi rupa,

I saw your recent message on the xmonad mailing list archives about
problems with the GNOME workspace switcher in Ubuntu. I had just
encountered the same issue and was looking for a solution.

I've now posted a fix on the bug report at:


Hopefully it'll be incorporated in an update soon, but in the meantime
anyone who's bothered by this can apply the fix and rebuild the
gnome-panel package from source yourself if they want.

I'm not on the xmonad list and not particularly interested in joining at
the moment, so perhaps you could pass a followup note on to the list
about this, for the benefit of anyone else coming across this issue.

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