[xmonad] Re: [patch] [request for comments] Using a class in A.GridSelect to use one common defaultGSConfig

Adam Vogt vogt.adam at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 23:14:21 EDT 2009

* On Sunday, October 04 2009, Don Stewart wrote:

>Can you also mentioned whether you'd like this pushed this or not (or
>whether you're seeking triage)? Identifying what the next step is when
>code goes out is helpful with distributed authority, as we have.
>   Don

I've pushed these two, seeing as (1) there were no negative comments,
(2) the MR and the other possible config difficulties are addressed in
the documentation, and (3) it otherwise simplifies the usage of

Note that I did correct the following instance:

>   instance HasColorizer String where defaultColorizer = defaultColorizer

Which caused a <<loop>> exception and leads to xmonad basically locking
up for anybody who happend to use that instance (sorry!).


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