[xmonad] Re: Only floating windows with window decoration

Nathan Huesken xmonad at lonely-star.org
Sat Oct 3 07:22:22 EDT 2009


I do not know xmonad nor haskell. But what would you need?
- A manage hook which adds deocaration when a new window is floating
- All key bindings/actions that make a window float must have add a function "add decoration"
- All key bindings/actions that stop a window from floating must have
  add a function "remove decoration"

That should be possible, should it not?


On Fri, Oct 02, 2009 at 07:30:30PM -0600, mail at justinbogner.com wrote:
> Nathan Huesken <xmonad at lonely-star.org> writes:
> > Can I somehow configure xmonad, so that only floating windows have
> > window decoaration? By this I mean a titlebar, which can be used to drag
> > them around ...
> This isn't possible with anything currently in XMonad: the way floating
> windows are currently handled means that they aren't affected by
> layouthooks, and all the current decoration code is done by these
> hooks. Having said that, this would be a really cool feature.
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