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Sun Nov 29 17:22:39 EST 2009


Am Samstag, den 28.11.2009, 13:35 -0600 schrieb Spencer Janssen:
> On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 07:25:26PM +0100, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> >  1. DarcsWatch could send bundle-applied-mails to the mailing list.
> > Since patch submissions are on the list, this would we useful for people
> > just following development. Also the submitter is likely happy to hear
> > that his patch has been applied, without checking the repository or
> > DarcsWatch. OTOH it would slightly increase the noise level on the list.
> At the very least I would find this useful.  We already reply "Patch applied"
> to every patch, it would be nice to automate that.

Implemented. The last mail from darcswatch is an example how these might
look like. They have proper threading headers, and the subject is taking
from the submitting mail (if available). For some older patches, these
might not be stored, but it will be for any patches since two weeks ago.

> >  2. Users can subscribe to bundle-applied-mails about their own patches.
> > It would be relatively easy to implement that I can give DarcsWatch a
> > list of e-Mail-Adresses that want “Your bundle α was applied to
> > repository β” notifications. This would be independent of xmonad, of
> > course. Is anyone interested? I’d start with manually configuring the
> > list with addresses people tell me about, and maybe later add an
> > automatic subscription feature, if there is demand.
> If we send "patch applied" emails to the mailing list, it would be sensible to
> CC the original sender.

Not sure, I guess most are subscribed to the list anyways, and I don’t
want to send unwanted mails to private addresses. But Opt-In is
possible, just tell me if you want to join. This would then work for all
your submissions that are tracked on DarcsWatch, not only those to

> > 3. DarcsWatch could be integrated closer in the xmonad bug tracker.
> > Of course, code.google.com will not be as easily hackable as a
> > self-hosted roundup instance, but maybe some interaction is possible. Is
> > there an API for that? Some features that are desirable are:
> >  * DarcsWatch should somehow be aware of patches submitted via
> > code.google.com that were not sent to the mailing list.
> >  * DarcsWatch could be able to amend the ticket with the patch
> > application status.
> >  * DarcsWatch could close tickets if a patch bundle is applied – but
> > what if the patch does not work, if there are multiple patches etc.? The
> > Darcs team has clearer semantics there, as patches and issues are
> > tracked separately on roundup (but can refer to each other).
> > 
> > Especially item 3 is meant to be a discussion starter :-)
> We've taken to setting 'Status: Patch' to issues that are only waiting on a 
> patch to be applied.  I would be comfortable with darcswatch marking these as
> 'Status: Fixed'.  Any policy more complicated than that runs the risk of being
> more hassle than convenience.

This would be doable. The real problem is actually accessing the patches
in the bugtracker... Anyways, enough darcswatch hacking this weekend,
I’ll put that back for now.


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