[xmonad] Re: Issue 312 in xmonad: [improvement] MosaicAlt: change tall/wide

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Sun Nov 29 00:13:37 EST 2009

	Owner: vogt.adam

Comment #3 on issue 312 by vogt.adam: [improvement] MosaicAlt: change  

Attached is a preliminary (not to be applied without further cleanup) patch  
that sort
of does as asked-for.

It does a linear search up to 100 modification functions: this could be a  
binary search.

It also breaks configs: the Rectangle could probably be a fixed one (say  
Rectangle 0
0 200 200), and the W.Stack could probably be gotten from the keys of the  
map.... the values are deliberately not the ones you can get from the  
with the X monad, because that breaks things with layouts like combo.

I'm bringing this up for review because I'm not sure that the new behavior  
is an
improvement: there's a slight performance impact, and the old behavior  
where large
aspect ratio changes only happen after multiple keypresses is a bit less
disorienting... however MosaicAlt isn't very predictable in either  

Are there other users of MosaicAlt who have opinions on this?

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