[xmonad] Re: Issue 335 in xmonad: Manual workspace sorting mode using extensible state

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Fri Nov 27 18:31:45 EST 2009

Comment #2 on issue 335 by liskni.si: Manual workspace sorting mode using  
extensible state

It may be of your interest that I have a rather similar workflow to what  
you're doing
here. I use X.A.SwapWorkspaces and a custom, extensible state powered  
module that
lets me name workspaces (the names are used _only_ in DynamicLog). This  
way, I can
rename workspaces dynamically (without having their order changed, as  
opposed to what
DynamicWorkspaces does), move them in the list of workspaces along with  
their names,
and see the F-key numbers that correspond to them in DynamicLog, because  
the list of
tags is still [1..12]. Feel free to ask me for help/comments/review/testing.

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