[xmonad] Re: Issue 326 in xmonad: floating windows can break Actions.UpdatePointer

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Thu Nov 26 13:46:33 EST 2009

Comment #2 on issue 326 by wirtwolff: floating windows can break  

Variations on ff are sufficient. Create four or more windows.
Float a window and have it cover the regions Warp or
UpdatePointer.PointerPosition search for on overlapped tiled
windows, i.e. nearest, some corner, center. Some windows will
become inaccessible from mod-j/k.

-- Warp.warpToWindow, TowardsCentre, Relative also reproduce
-- keeping default focusFollowsMouse = True

import XMonad
import Monad.Actions.UpdatePointer

main = xmonad defaultConfig { logHook = updatePointer Nearest }

This issue seems related to floating layer re-design. Issue 4
should probably consider pointer update, event, focus interactions
in its core design. Sorry I've no suggestions or insights to offer

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