[xmonad] Re: Issue 324 in xmonad: Actions.UpdateFocus only works on terminals, not qt/gtk/etc

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Thu Nov 26 09:32:33 EST 2009

Comment #2 on issue 324 by liskni.si: Actions.UpdateFocus only works on  
terminals, not qt/gtk/etc

The problem here is that if a window is interested in its MotionEvents, or  
propagation of these events, xmonad does not see them. Citing from

The source of the event is the viewable window that the pointer is in. The  
used by the X server to report these events depends on the window's  
position in the
window hierarchy and whether any intervening window prohibits the  
generation of these
events. Starting with the source window, the X server searches up the window
hierarchy until it locates the first window specified by a client as having  
interest in these events. If one of the intervening windows has its
do-not-propagate-mask set to prohibit generation of the event type, the  
events of
those types will be suppressed. Clients can modify the actual window used  
reporting by performing active grabs and, in the case of keyboard events,  
by using
the focus window.

I have no idea how to solve this properly, as listening for motion events  
on the
focused window itself will fix it only if the application listens on its  
main window
as well. If the application listens for motion events on a child window,  
we'd have to
listen on it as well. It is beyond my Xlib knowledge whether this can be  

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