[xmonad] Multi-pointer-X support

Yclept Nemo orbisvicis at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 17:35:50 EST 2009

I'm hoping to start a discussing in the interests of incorporating MPX
support into XMonad.

Xorg-server 1.7 has just incorporated MPX support. More details can be found
at http://lwn.net/Articles/283957/

As a first, more than one window would have to be active at a time
To model keyboard focus in the case of multiple pointers:
Only the core pointer receives input
All pointers receive input
Toggle keyboard input between pointers
Promote keyboard input to the core pointer

Which probably becomes more convoluted with multiple keyboards.

On #xmonad aavogt suggested:
16:27 < aavogt> perhaps a reasonable solution is to keep one stackset per
keyboard/mouse pair
16:28 < aavogt> ie. windowset :: XState -> [StackSet a b c d e]
16:30 < aavogt> then most operations just need another fmap thrown in there
16:31 < aavogt> that will have strange consequences for when mice/keyboards
focus the same window (how do we show
                that for the border color?)
16:32 < aavogt> I guess an average or sum of colors could do:  red + blue ->

There is already some documentation regarding MPX at
http://wiki.x.org/wiki/Development/Documentation/MPX?highlight=%28mpx%29 (I
have a feeling it might be out of date)
It's probably not enough, so requests for more documentation might need to
be formalized.

MPX can be tested by separating touchpads/trackpoints out of the core
pointer (assuming xorg-server >= 1.7). However MPX most likely shines with
finger-touch devices.
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