[xmonad] Issue 339 in xmonad: Support or workaround for toggling totem movie player fullscreen

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Sat Nov 14 19:01:02 EST 2009

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New issue 339 by wirtwolff: Support or workaround for toggling totem movie  
player fullscreen

 From issue 333 comments #4 and #5:

I'm running ubuntu 9.04 with xmonad from the repo and facing a similar
issue with another player; Movie Player (GNOME).  I think the way
fullscreen works isn't correct. So far I've only been able to get rid
of the red line around the window, but I still see the panel at the
top.  It's very annoying watching anything with the panel at the top.
I need the panel so removing it isn't an option.


This is in reference to the totem movie player, not the browser
plugin gnome mplayer which works well with isFullscreen manageHook

User had doFloat hook for the player. It is possible to instead
doFullFloat the totem player to provide fullscreen without strut
windows visible, however still the normal toggle commands don't
work. Always full screening totem isn't an ideal solution,
though, hence moving that report to this issue separate from the
mplayer related Issue 333.

I've not been able to find any references as to how totem attempts to
request or implement fullscreen. Nor have I found any xmonad settings
to support totem's fullscreen toggling.

Closing this as won't fix for now. Prioritizing as low since other
media players such as mplayer work well with xmonad. Please feel free
to re-open with more data as to what totem is looking for from xmonad
or patches to provide additional support for totem.

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