[xmonad] Search in prompt history?

Frank Bauer frank.c.bauer at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 04:27:21 EST 2009

Hi all,

I'm new xmonad user (been using it for 2 months) and one feature
I am missing is searching in the prompt history.

I use various prompts like Man, Ssh, Shell and Window and in addition
to going through the history line by line I would like to be able to type
a few characters, press some key (e.g. Ctrl+Up) and the prompt would
seek to the first such occurence in the prompt history.
For those of you who know ion, that is it[*]

Is it possible in xmonad? As I am not a programmer, I just craft my
xmonad.hs by copying parts of setup I find on the internet without really
understanding them - either they work or they don't.
So far I did not find anything resembling this functionality.

Frank Bauer

[*] I used ion window manager since the first version (2002?) for
many years until Tuomo changed the licence and it dropped out
of Debian. I briefly tried Awesome, which was lacking some of the
features (e.g. scratchpad) and that lead me to xmonad because its
defaults suit me better.

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