[xmonad] Re: Issue 333 in xmonad: mplayer doesn't go fullscreen

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Tue Nov 10 18:07:33 EST 2009

Comment #3 on issue 333 by wirtwolff: mplayer doesn't go fullscreen

I am unable to reproduce this with default xmonad.hs (Config.hs settings
not overriden) using mplayer that installs with ubuntu-9.10. (Neither
with xmonad-0.9 or current darcs). It also worked fine for me in the
past on xmonad-0.8.* The default xmonad manageHook floats class
"MPlayer" which allows f or 'mplayer -fs 'to work correctly so far as
I can tell.

polux2001 please try again with xmonad defaults. If you still find
mplayer gives problems, please use xprop to check the WM_CLASS(STRING)
and post that output if className differs from the typical default:
`"this resource one varies other is className", "MPlayer"'

For those who don't want to float mplayer:

On the mailing list is a modified isFullscreen hook which allows
toggling mplayer to and from fullscreen and tiled status. With more
testing and comment perhaps that hook can get added to xmonad-contrib
to give even more mplayer options.

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