[xmonad] Re: Issue 325 in xmonad: Layout.Spacing breaks Layout.WindowNavigation

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Tue Nov 3 17:04:17 EST 2009

Comment #5 on issue 325 by OrbisVicis: Layout.Spacing breaks  

Actually, the attached configuration will exhibit the problem.

I've also managed to reproduce the error in XMonad from darcs, though only  
OneBig and Spiral.

Try this config, which is in spiral by default. Move the mouse over the  
master area,
so that each new window will be placed in the master and receive focus, and  
then open
five windows. The focus should still be in the master. Navigation using the
WindowNavigation bindings should be impossible. If it is, try reloading the  
again... and again.

It's reproducible 100% for me. If the windows are spawned differently,
WindowNavigation might work, but will probably skip some windows, and  
eventually lock up.

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