[xmonad] Re: Issue 329 in xmonad: Actions.UpdatePointer becomes confused, cursor jumps everywhere

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Tue Nov 3 16:37:58 EST 2009

Comment #2 on issue 329 by OrbisVicis: Actions.UpdatePointer becomes  
confused, cursor jumps everywhere

I wasn't sure how to get the patch, so I just installed the latest darcs  
and I'm not sure:

The cursor jumping in Spiral is much better: it doesnt perpetually loop,  
but dies
away very soon after (usually less than a second, I think) the mouse has  
moving. I can't decide if it's the same bug, or if UpdatePointer can't keep  
up with
how fast I change focus, or a bit of both.

Sometimes I notice the cursor jumping between two windows I've only crossed  

If I move the mouse somewhat slower, I think I get an idea of what happens.  
I move my
cursor from one window, through a second, through a third. The  
UpdatePointer logHook
only kicks in when I've reached the third window and moves my mouse back to  
second window. If I keep moving the cursor it won't end up where I expect  
it because
UpdatePointer has reset its location, so two effects:
1). The cursor does not travel as far as the mouse
2). After non-linear mouse moves the cursor ends up in a totally unexpected  

Just a theory, and no, I am *not* playing roulette with my mouse.

The crazy cursor in accordion seems to be easier to create (and still  
looping), but probably related to the spiral bug.

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