[xmonad] darcs patch: FlexibleResize - Resize from edge, don't... (and 1 more)

Anders Engstrom ankaan at gmail.com
Sat May 30 15:01:38 EDT 2009

Sat May 30 20:54:37 CEST 2009  Anders Engstrom <ankaan at gmail.com>
  * FlexibleResize - Resize from edge, don't move adjust at opposite edge
  When resizing other corners than bottom-right, instead of adjusting to even columns/rows on the opposite side to it the same way as if resizing was made from the bottom right.
  Also add the possibility to add an area in the middle of an edge where only that edge is resized, not the closest corner.

Sat May 30 20:57:52 CEST 2009  Anders Engstrom <ankaan at gmail.com>
  * UpdatePointer - Don't warp while dragging with mouse
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