[xmonad] KPowerSave trouble

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Sat May 23 23:20:05 EDT 2009

Hi folks,

I've been running xmonad for awhile, and recently decided that I'd like
to try it with KDE 4.  I followed the various instructions on the wiki,
and it worked mostly well.  I have the KDE tray thing, whatever it's
called now, going.  And it works fine with all the KDE and Gnome apps
that use it.

Except for kpowersave.  xmonad wants to give it its own window instead
of putting it up in the tray where it belongs.  This results in the
rather hilarious situation of it getting a giant window for a 64x64 icon.

I tried setting it to ignore in my xmonad.hs, but that didn't help.

Before I switched to xmonad, kpowersave went into the tray like a nice
little app.

Any ideas what to do?

-- John

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