[xmonad] Issue 295 in xmonad: X.A.Submap doesn't work in russian layout.

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Fri May 22 10:28:29 EDT 2009

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New issue 295 by alexey.skladnoy: X.A.Submap doesn't work in russian layout.

Submap actions don't work when in russian layout. In english
layout it does work without problem. Standard xmonad key bindings
work in both layouts. I'm using version from darcs. 0.8 is
affected to AFAIR.

Layout are set up with XCB.

  $ setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout us,ru -variant basic,winkeys
  $ setxkbmap -option -option

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

Working combinations, of cource.

Please provide any additional information below.

Below is snippet from X.A.Submap. Quick research shown that
keymasks m and m' has bit (1<<13) set when russian layout chosen.
I have no idea how to interpert it.

> -- | Like 'submap', but executes a default action if the key did not  
> match.
> submapDefault :: X () -> M.Map (KeyMask, KeySym) (X ()) -> X ()
> submapDefault def keys = do
>      XConf { theRoot = root, display = d } <- ask

>      io $ grabKeyboard d root False grabModeAsync grabModeAsync currentTime

>      (m, s) <- io $ allocaXEvent $ \p -> fix $ \nextkey -> do
>          maskEvent d keyPressMask p
>          KeyEvent { ev_keycode = code, ev_state = m } <- getEvent p
>          keysym <- keycodeToKeysym d code 0
>          if isModifierKey keysym
>              then nextkey
>              else return (m, keysym)

>      m' <- cleanMask m

>      maybe def id (M.lookup (m', s) keys)

>      io $ ungrabKeyboard d currentTime

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