[xmonad] Re: Multiple user setup

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Fri May 15 11:16:57 EDT 2009

Rickard Nilsson
<rickard.nilsson at telia.com> writes:
> However, I am pondering a different setup, where I only start one
> Xserver running Xmonad. Then I would let that instance of Xmonad start
> two instances of Xephyr (a nested X server), one that runs another
> instance of Xmonad and one that runs Gnome. I could switch between the
> users's desktops by appropriate key bindings in the bottom Xmonad
> instance. The first Xmonad instance would run as a separate user, or
> maybe the root user.


> Do you think this is a feasible setup? Is Xmonad lightweight enough
> for this configuration? Can the key bindings in the two Xmonad
> instances be coordinated easily (can I somehow create a "clean"
> configuration in the root Xmonad, removing all defaults and just add a
> few global key bindings)?

This should work fairly well, I would think. The only problem I can
think of is that the configuration for xmonad isn't configurable, so you
would need to write one configuration that decided whether or not it was
the master and set things up differently in that case, which might be a
little bit messy.

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