[xmonad] Issue 292 in xmonad: Border pixels not rendered on screens rotated with xrandr

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Wed May 6 13:28:34 EDT 2009

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New issue 292 by david.jc.anderson: Border pixels not rendered on screens  
rotated with xrandr

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Start xmonad with a config that sets a border around the active window
2. Create a couple of windows, note the border being rendered
3. Run `xrandr -o left` to rotate the display to portrait mode

After screen rotation, the pixels usually used to render the border are no
longer rendered. The focused window does not have a highlighted border
around it. Space for the border is still reserved (tested by grabbing a 50
pixel border), but apparently not rendered into by xmonad.

The contents of the border pixels varies from black, to partially drawn
highlight color around a random window (not always the focused one), to
framebuffer noise. Executing `xrandr -o normal` returns to the previous
configuration, with the border correctly rendered.

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?

Ubuntu 9.04
xmonad 0.8.1
X.org 7.4

My xmonad.hs is attached. `xmonad --recompile` outputs nothing.

Random musings: it has been suggested on #xmonad that this could be a video
driver bug. Not knowing much about the ins and outs of the interactions
between xmonad, X11 and the video driver, I cannot comment on this from a
technical standpoint, but it seems strange to me that a video driver bug
would cause exactly these border regions, and only them, to be borked, and
that every other WM I've used on this setup somehow manages to avoid this
problem. Not very scientific, I'm sure WM gurus will have a more useful

I remain at your disposal if extra data or testing is required.

	xmonad.hs  1.1 KB

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