[xmonad] Issue 158 in xmonad: _NET_WORKAREA support

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Mon Mar 16 18:58:10 EDT 2009

Comment #5 on issue 158 by valery.vv: _NET_WORKAREA support

SpencerJanssen wrote on Mar 25, 2008:
> I'm curious, what do rdesktop and enso use _NET_WORKAREA for?

Let rdesktop(1) say for itself:

   -g <geometry>
       Desktop   geometry   (WxH).  If  geometry  is  the  special  word
       "workarea", the geometry will be fetched from the extended window
       manager  hints  property _NET_WORKAREA, from the root window. The
       geometry can also be specified  as  a  percentage  of  the  whole
       screen, e.g. "-g 80%".

I wonder, whether I can position rdesktop window [in xmonad] using
`-g workarea' option...

/me tries

Well, rdesktop prints ``Window is missing property _NET_WORKAREA''
and starts fullscreen. I'll revert to my usual `-g 97%'.

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