[xmonad] Re: xmobar PipeReader doesn't work

Norbert Zeh nzeh at cs.dal.ca
Fri Mar 13 07:39:37 EDT 2009

> Sorry I paste the wrong version of my .xmobarrc, I do have it in my
> template ..
> Config { font = "xft:Wenquanyi Bitmap Song:pixelsize=12"
>                     ...
>                     , Run PipeReader "/dev/shm/lrcfifo" "lrc"
>                     ]
>        , sepChar = "%"
>        , alignSep = "}{"
>        , template = "%StdinReader% }{ %lrc% <fc=#8ae234>%Mail%</fc> %cpu% %memory% %eth0|wlan0% %battery% [%vol%] %date%"
>        }

Hmm, it seems that xmobar's pipereader isn't broken per se, as I just
tried it on a pipe here.  Here are a few things you can do to get more
info about the problem:

1) Check whether the pipe you list above actually produces any data,
   independently of xmobar.  Eg, you should be able to just do "cat
   /dev/shm/lrcfifo" and see what is spits out.

2) Create a pipe somewhere with "mkfifo foo" and edit your rc file to
   read this pipe instead.  Then fire up xmobar and in your terminal
   do "cat > fifo".  Then start typing lines and see whether they show
   up in xmobar.


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