[xmonad] Issue 301 in xmonad: Tool Tips and Context Menus On Wrong Monitor

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Mon Jun 29 15:20:51 EDT 2009

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New issue 301 by matt.fowles: Tool Tips and Context Menus On Wrong Monitor

*What steps will reproduce the problem?*

1. Boot the laptop with no external monitor
2. Observe that everything works fine
3. Suspend the laptop  (this step and step 5 might not be necessary)
4. Attach an external monitor
5. Resume the laptop
6. Hit "Fn + F8" (the key to make the monitor mode change) until both the
internal and external monitor show desktops
7. On the external monitor, right click to get a context menu or hover to
get a tool tip in some app (I suggest firefox)
8. Notice that the tooltip is actually on the internal monitor (although it
is lined up vertically)

*What is the expected output? What do you see instead?*

I expect the tooltip/context menu to appear under the mouse in step 8 above.

*What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?*

Ubuntu 9.04 - Jaunty Jackalope
XMonad 0.8

*Are you using an xmonad.hs?  Please attach it and the output of "xmonad

Attached "xmonad.hs"; "xmonad --recompile" does not produce output.

	xmonad.hs  5.3 KB
	xmonad-wrong-monitor-bug.png  336 KB

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