[xmonad] announcing bacteria: for composing Xinerama backgrounds

wagnerdm at seas.upenn.edu wagnerdm at seas.upenn.edu
Thu Jun 18 17:01:57 EDT 2009

Hello all,

My most recent itch has been the ability to set backgrounds in a  
Xinerama-aware way.  I've built bacteria as a tiny utility to help me  
out with that:


It doesn't do much: it just creates an image with the right dimensions  
to be a background for all the Xinerama screens you happen to be  
running at the moment.  It takes a list of input images and centers  
them sequentially on each screen.  It's designed with scripting in  
mind; for example, the following line in my .xinitrc:

display -backdrop -window root `bacteria .cthulhu.gif .background`

suffices to center the silly .cthulhu.gif picture on each screen, and  
works correctly on a variety of machines with different screen counts  
and sizes.  I hope somebody else finds this useful!  (And, if you  
don't find it useful because it doesn't do X, please send me a note  
saying what X is.  Maybe it turns out I wanted X, too, and didn't even  
realize it. =)


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