[xmonad] Get mouse to follow cursor

Brent Yorgey byorgey at seas.upenn.edu
Wed Jun 10 11:40:02 EDT 2009

On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 08:42:21AM +0200, Magnus Ågren wrote:
> Hi
> When I move to a new window I would like the mouse pointer to be at
> the same position as the text cursor. Does anyone have a solution to
> this?
> I would like this since I use
> http://linuxaleph.blogspot.com/2008/11/mapping-middle-click-to-keyboard-key.html
> to be able to paste text using the keyboard, and for this to work for
> example in a browser input field the mouse must follow the text cursor.

I don't think there is any way to do this in general.  Unlike mouse
position, text cursor position is completely up to each application,
and has nothing to do with the window manager.  Some applications
don't even have a concept of "text cursor".  So if there is a way to
do it for specific applications, it would have to somehow involve
querying the application for the text cursor position.


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