[xmonad] Problem with Emacs and XMonad

Bruce Stephens xmonad at cenderis.demon.co.uk
Wed Jun 10 04:41:05 EDT 2009

Deniz Dogan <deniz.a.m.dogan at gmail.com> writes:


> What *really* is bothering me though is that not even "emacs -Q" with
> a clean .Xdefaults works properly. Even then the width/height are off!
>>From this, I draw the conclusion that there is something fundamentally
> wrong in either XMonad or Emacs, and I'm kind of leaning towards
> believing it is the latter.

It's surely nothing to do with xmonad.  However, emacs seems to work
for other people, which suggests it's not emacs.  (That's not to say
there aren't problems with this aspect of emacs---there surely are.)

The debian package (which I'm also using, though I'm building my own
from more recent checkouts) mostly adds a few patches to better fit in
with the debian elisp packages and a few other things.  Nothing
relevant to this, as far as I can see.

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