[xmonad] Layout for GIMP. How to?

Khudyakov Alexey alexey.skladnoy at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 07:39:57 EDT 2009

On Sunday 31 of May 2009 20:05:55 Wirt Wolff wrote:
> > 2. If I open two image windows and move mouse cursor to toolbox one of
> > windows always gets in front. Observed only with Full layout.
> Yes, this is separate focus layer zipper issue. I use Full |||
> ResizableTall ... and just mod-tab as needed when focus changes badly.
> Usually it's not so ugly since floats are mostly used with tiled not full.
> I use setup like Kathryn suggested, but one toolbox/dock, not two... and
> have unconsciously learned to work in a way that mostly doesn't create
> focus shifts.

Is that so? This bug manifest itself when there are no floating windows on 

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