[xmonad] darcs patch: AutoMaster layout modifier

Roman Cheplyaka roma at ro-che.info
Tue Jun 2 12:37:07 EDT 2009

* portnov <portnov84 at rambler.ru> [2009-06-02 22:20:55+0600]
> Hello xmonad world.
>  * AutoMaster.dpatch
>   Provides layout modifier AutoMaster. It separates screen in two parts -
>   master and slave. Size of slave area automatically changes depending on
>   number of slave windows. Master windows are placed in master area in one 
> row. Slave windows are placed in slave area, controlled by underying layout.
> For example, with "autoMaster Grid" one will get something like this: 
> http://iportnov.ru/files/automaster.gif


Roman I. Cheplyaka (aka Feuerbach @ IRC)

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