[xmonad] Issue 306 in xmonad: Magnifier: keep magnified status if transient focused

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Mon Jul 27 10:02:08 EDT 2009

Comment #1 on issue 306 by daniel.wagner: Magnifier: keep magnified status  
if transient focused

As a usage comment: it may be beneficial to have a separate layout modifier  
simply magnifies windows indefinitely.  That is, rather than having the  
follow the focus, have it await a message (ToggleMagnifier or whatever it's  
then add the currently focused window to the list of windows that is  
magnified.  It
requires the addition of a bit of state to track which windows are  
magnified, but it
would be closer to what I want, at least.

Riccardo: would that match your usage pattern, or do you prefer the  
magnification to
truly follow your focus (except to the floating layer)?

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