[xmonad] Issue 19 in xmonad: Investigate a way to allow contrib extensions to use compositing.

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Sun Jul 26 02:13:01 EDT 2009

Comment #15 on issue 19 by amdragon: Investigate a way to allow contrib  
extensions to use compositing.

I was not aware of handleEventHook.  It's interesting, though I don't see  
how it's
much better than wrapping the layoutHook with a faux layout modifier.  In  
my mind,
layouts already have a fine way to receive X events; it's actions that  
However, for actions that need to receive events, both handleEventHook and  
require (approximately equivalent) user configuration effort beyond simply  
the action.  The faux layout modifier approach at least makes it easy for  
an action
to maintain state; something that seems like it would be particularly  
difficult with

To relate this back to the bug report at hand, the types of compositing  
tricks that
should be possible with xmonad today--those that use window contents but  
don't modify
the way windows are usually rendered--seem like the realm of xmonad actions.
However, doing such things generally requires creating new windows and  
events from them (as well as the windows being composited), which seems  
difficult to
do from actions, even with handleEventHook.

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