[xmonad] Issue 19 in xmonad: Investigate a way to allow contrib extensions to use compositing.

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Sat Jul 25 15:27:11 EDT 2009

Comment #13 on issue 19 by amdragon: Investigate a way to allow contrib  
extensions to use compositing.

Regarding cairo-compmgr, I've been tinkering with using Cairo from within  
xmonad and
it works quite well.  It seems like a good option for drawing once the basic
compositing machinery is in place.

I've done very little actual implementation of compositing itself, but it  
seems like
things based on "automatic redirection" would be fairly easy to do in  
architecture, though they could benefit from easier access to X events  
(only the
current layout can receive X events) and better timer support for  
animations (threads
perhaps?).  However, automatic redirection only lets you access window  
contents.  In
order to change the way windows are drawn, we need manual redirection,  
which places
the onus of drawing the entire screen on xmonad and, thus, is a much bigger  
and would probably require core changes.

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