[xmonad] Tall layout question

Pär Andersson paran at lysator.liu.se
Mon Jul 20 04:54:09 EDT 2009

Adam Vogt <vogt.adam at gmail.com> writes:
> A more messy option that should work is to define a layout in terms of
> Tall, which sets nmaster according to your specification:
> Note, I didn't test this, though it does typecheck.

I am using it now, it works.

> I think that you might be better served by layouts that take more
> freedom in laying windows out, such as Mosaic, MosaicAlt, or any
> Resizable* variants, however.

I will have a look at those when I get the time. But for now I am quite
happy with this TallAlt layout, thanks for the help.

Thanks Zsolt for the IncMasterN suggestion also.


Pär Andersson
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