[xmonad] Multiple monitors of different shapes and sizes?

Digit (SG) digit.siljrath at googlemail.com
Sat Jul 18 08:16:54 EDT 2009

yup, i'll add that i too have xmonad on multiple screens at different sizes
and resolutions and it works a charm.
15" 1280x1024, 19" 1600x1200, 15" 1024x768.
sure if i switched a screen full of carefully sized windows/tiles containing
statically layed-out/sized applications from one monitor to the other, the
xmonad tiles will resize to proportions of that new monitor and resolution,
but this rarely proves problematic in workflow terms.  there's nearly always
many swift ways to reposition windows optimally, with xmonad.

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2009/7/18 Gareth McCaughan <gareth.mccaughan at pobox.com>

> I wrote:
> > How (if at all) does xmonad cope with being run on a system with
> > two monitors of different resolutions?
> ...
> > Thanks in advance for any enlightening advice.
> And thanks in retrospect to the two Daniels who provided some;
> it sounds like the answer is that (1) one can often work in such a way
> that workspaces seldom have to change size, and (2) it's not
> troublesome when they do anyway. Splendid!
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> g
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