[xmonad] Multiple monitors of different shapes and sizes?

Gareth McCaughan gareth.mccaughan at pobox.com
Thu Jul 16 21:07:41 EDT 2009

How (if at all) does xmonad cope with being run on a system with
two monitors of different resolutions? The FAQ entry about multiple
monitors says, if I've understood right, that you get one workspace
on each monitor; so is everything in a workspace liable to get resized
if it's switched from one monitor to the other, and if so how painful
is that in practice?

(I ask because I'm a happy but ignorant xmonad user, and am
wondering about adding a second monitor to my machine, and
can get one of a different resolution from my existing one much
cheaper than one of the exact same resolution.)

Thanks in advance for any enlightening advice.

Gareth McCaughan

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