[xmonad] Making utility windows "dock like"

wirtwolff wirtwolff at gmail.com
Sat Jan 31 19:28:24 EST 2009

Gregory Maxwell wrote:
> One issue I haven't solved yet is cellwriter
> (http://risujin.org/cellwriter/).  According to xprop cellwriter is a
> "utility window", not a dock, and doesn't provide the struts field,
> even when it is set to dock mode.  As a result, when I unhide it using
> the notification icon it pops up as a float in the middle of my
> screen.
> What I'd like to do is treat it as a dock: Accept the size it assumes,
> force it to bottom of the screen (just above my existing panel), and
> prevent anything from overlapping it or it from overlapping anything
> (shrinking the tiled area as a result).

Sounds like a great candidate for the darcs xmonad-contrib extension,
Layout.Monitor, if running darcs is an option. Here is link to archive of
documentation to help you decide, (hehe, unless you're already running
darcs xmonad.) Sounds like also might need to set gaps manually,
though, since it doesn't set struts afaik.


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