[xmonad] U.Run.runProcessWithInputAndWait exceptions, dzenWithArgs

wirtwolff wirtwolff at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 18:15:12 EST 2009

  U.Run.runProcessWithInputAndWait calls waitForProcess and raises
exceptions. I probably just should have filed a bug, but figured it's
probably a quick fix for a real programmer, and byorgey seems to be
on a contrib-patching extravaganza, so:


This mainly affects Hooks.UrgencyHook, although users may be
using the dzenWithArgs functions in xmonad.hs Is is safe to simply
remove waitForProcess from Util.Run.runProcessWithInputAndWait?
Should dzenWithArgs do timeouts differently?

(btw thanks Roman, Byorgey, et. al. for all the recent work)


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