[xmonad] Issue 265 in xmonad: Scrambled Firefox windows with CSS background image

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Mon Jan 26 19:35:01 EST 2009

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New issue 265 by gareth.m... at pobox.com: Scrambled Firefox windows with CSS  
background image

(I am not at all certain that this really is an xmonad problem. But there
are some signs that it may be, and I'm certain that if I report this to the
FF guys the immediate response will be "That's because you're using a
weirdo window manager" unless I can provide some evidence that it's not. I
haven't seen similar behaviour from any application other than Firefox.)

System: xmonad 0.7; x.org 7.3.2 (server 1.4.2); FreeBSD 6.2; x86.

Repro steps:

1. Run Firefox 3.0.4 on FreeBSD 6.2 (other versions of FF3 have failed in
the same way; I think FF2 never did).
2. Point Firefox at the HTML file attached as "broken.html".
3. Move the mouse pointer in and out of the FF window so that it gains and
loses focus.

Expected result: a boring, almost content-free page with a background
image; no untoward behaviour on gaining and losing focus.

Actual result: at step 2 or 3, instead of the expected background image, my
browser window gets filled with junk that usually comes from elsewhere in
the window. This is not perfectly consistent: occasionally it's fine. The
misbehaviour may happen (a) immediately on loading the page, (b) about a
second after that, (c) on moving the mouse out of the browser window, (d)
on moving the mouse into the browser window, and/or (e) on switching

The junk sometimes comes from another window, or (when switching
workspaces) from content in the previous workspace.

A typical example of how one of these windows looks after a bit of
mouse-jiggling is attached as broken.png .

This doesn't happen to all Firefox windows; only ones whose content has a
CSS background image. (This is of course evidence of a Firefox rather than
an xmonad problem.)

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