[xmonad] darcs patch: A mosaic layout based on MosaicAlt

Roman Cheplyaka roma at ro-che.info
Sun Jan 25 15:08:56 EST 2009

* Adam Vogt <vogt.adam at gmail.com> [2009-01-24 23:37:39-0500]
> Hopefully this patch fixes the ambiguity.
> That state information (that int parameter) as to which aspect ratio layout 
> to pick is now hidden, since I could not think of a good reason for it not 
> to be the default.
> * On Sunday, January 25 2009, Roman Cheplyaka wrote:
> >Applied, thanks.
> >A few issues with documentation:
> >- what does Int (0 in your example) stands for?
> >- "The numbers are directly proportional to the area given, with the
> >  master window getting the most if you have an ascending list." -- does
> >  it mean that area of master is proportional to the last number in the
> >  list? I think it should be more clear.

Have you introduced another data constructor only for hiding the layout
state? In this case you can introduce just a mere function:

    data Mosaic a = Mosaic Rational Int [Rational]
    mosaic = Mosaic 0 0

and export only mosaic.
Or there are some other reasons I don't see?

Also, it's still unclear what will happen if the list is *not*

Roman I. Cheplyaka (aka Feuerbach @ IRC)

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