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Gwern Branwen gwern0 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 23:50:10 EST 2009

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Hiya everyone. So once or twice people've asked for copies of my
apparently rumored archive of xmonad.hss. Rather than check them into
a repo on haskell.org or keep sending around tarballs, I decided to
write a script using the mediawiki Haskell binding which would look up
http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/Xmonad/Config_archive and download all
the xmonad.hs files for one to peruse at leisure. (This had the
advantage of keeping configs centralized at that one page.)

Unfortunately it turns out haskell.org doesn't support the MediaWiki
API. Oops. So I wrote it using Tagsoup:

import Text.HTML.Download (openURL)
import Text.HTML.TagSoup (parseTags, Tag(TagOpen))
import Data.List (isInfixOf, isPrefixOf)
import Control.Monad (liftM, zipWithM_)

main :: IO ()
main = do urls  "http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/?title=" ++ drop 13 x
++ "&action=raw") $ filter (isInfixOf "xmonad.hs") urls
          let hs = map (liftM filterXmonad . openURL) raws
          zipWithM_ (\x y -> writeFile x = String
filterXmonad = unlines . takeWhile (not . isPrefixOf "") . drop 1 .
dropWhile (not . isPrefixOf "") . lines

extractURLs :: String -> [String]
extractURLs arg = [x | TagOpen "a" atts ls ./
10.hs  13.hs  16.hs  19.hs  21.hs  24.hs  27.hs  2.hs   32.hs  35.hs
38.hs  40.hs  43.hs  46.hs  5.hs  8.hs    xmonad.hi
11.hs  14.hs  17.hs  1.hs   22.hs  25.hs  28.hs  30.hs  33.hs  36.hs
39.hs  41.hs  44.hs  47.hs  6.hs  9.hs    xmonad.hs
12.hs  15.hs  18.hs  20.hs  23.hs  26.hs  29.hs  31.hs  34.hs  37.hs
3.hs   42.hs  45.hs  4.hs   7.hs  xmonad  xmonad.o

(I decided that a more elaborate or accurate naming scheme was too
much of a bother.)

Caveats: this runs in your current directory.
         this assumes all scripts are kept in a subpage of
'Xmonad/Config archive'; eg [[Xmonad/Config archive/Gwern's
Config.hs]] and not [[Gwern's Config.hs]].
         this assumes that 'xmonad.hs' appears in the page title. Else
it'll be discarded as an irrelevant link, and not followed.
         this assumes that there is a newline after the first  and
before the first
         this also assumes that the xmonad.hs will be in the first
clause; the rest will be dropped.

That said, this downloads over 40 files for me, so it can't be missing
too many, and many of those files compile.

I hope this will be useful for people interested at looking at large
numbers of xmonad.hs files.

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