[xmonad] Error message when launching Firefox

Spencer Janssen spencerjanssen at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 19:39:55 EST 2009

On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 04:51:08PM +0000, Ricardo Martins wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> Since yesterday I've been receiving an error dialog when launching Firefox. It
> says "An error occured while loading or saving configuration information for
> firefox. Some of your configuration settings may not work properly". Clicking on
> a "Details" button gives me the following:
> "GConf Error: Failed to contact configuration server; some possible causes are
> that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS locks
> due to a system crash. See http://www.gnome.org/projects/gconf/ for information.
> (Details -  1: Failed to get connection to session: Failed to execute
> dbus-launch to autolaunch D-Bus session)"
> This happens only when launching firefox from a keybinding or through dmenu
> (also launched from a keybinding).
> I'm using the xmonad darcs from yesterday (19). xmonad 0.8.1 doesn't suffer from
> this problem nor do other WMs (openbox and awesome), so I guess it's due to
> something that changed between 0.8.1 and yesterday. Launching firefox in the
> affected version from a terminal also has no problems.
> The last three darcs builds I used were from 2009-01-12 (no problems),
> 2009-01-17 (I'm not sure if it had problems, since I usually suspend my laptop
> without rebooting or relaunching X for a few days) and 2009-01-19 (the
> problematic build).
> I'd test the latest code, but I'm having trouble accessing the darcs repository.
> Regards,
> --
>  Ricardo Martins  *  scarybox.net  *  GPG key: 0x1308F1B4

This should be fixed in darcs now.  Please update, clean, rebuild and reinstall
xmonad and contrib.  Let us know whether this fixes the issue for you.

Spencer Janssen

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