[xmonad] xterm/urxvt display problems

lithis xmonad at selg.hethrael.org
Wed Jan 21 10:11:03 EST 2009

On Wed, 2009/01/21 15:32:04 +0100, pascal wrote:
> I have a shortcut for launching ncmpcpp (mpd client).
> When I use it for the first time in the session, the display is fine.
> But when I spawn it again I get some junk display, some areas of the
> screen are not refreshed, staying permanently.

That sounds like a known bug in rxvt. Using a hinted layout
fixes it. There are two hinted layouts (HintedGrid,
HintedTile) and a layout modifier that can apply hints to
any layout (LayoutHints) in xmonad-contrib 0.8.

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